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tricare-guide-2023-24-red-shield.pngIf you’ve ever thought TRICARE can resemble a game of Scrabble as you try to figure out how it can best line up for you, you’re not alone. TRICARE changes year by year, and you and your family might find your own game plan is in transition.




MOAA’s TRICARE Guide is here to help you stay on top of your game. In this year’s edition, we update the cost outlook for 2024, such as rising prices for pharmacy copays. We break down how online pharmacy retail “disruptors” compare to the TRICARE pharmacy and whether they can offer you savings. We also look at how recent pharmacy network cuts show the health care benefit is at risk now and in the future, raising the question: “What version of TRICARE do you want in place when you need it?”


Below, find details on all manner of TRICARE topics. Have a question we didn't cover? Reach out to our Member Support Center at or (800) 234-6622.


tg23-transition-tw.jpgTRICARE and Transition: What Happens When I Retire?

Leaving service can mean significant changes in health care options. Plan ahead for your next steps. 






tg23-medicare-tw.jpgMedicare and TRICARE For Life at 65 and Over

Be ready for major deadlines, and understand plan options for you and your spouse. 





tg23-medicare-advantage-tw.jpgMedicare Advantage Plans: Answering Your Questions

You’ve probably seen advertisements about these health care plan alternatives. Are they right for your medical needs?




tg23-pharmacy-disruptors-tw.jpgOnline Pharmacy ‘Disruptors’: Can They Save You Money?

Even TRICARE beneficiaries may get better deals on some medications. Here’s what you should know. 






tg23-usfhp-tw.jpgUnderstanding the US Family Health Plan

This TRICARE Prime option may work for you and your family, depending on your location and care needs. 




tg23-pharmacy-cuts-tw.jpgPharmacy Network Cuts: Will You Get What You Need? 

Many TRICARE users won’t feel the pinch from a shrinking retail network. But it could harm your future benefit.






tg23-protect-benefit-tw.jpgHere’s How You Can Help MOAA Protect TRICARE and TRICARE For Life

We need you to amplify MOAA’s voice on Capitol Hill.






tg23-pharmacy-copays-tw.jpgPushing Back on Pharmacy Copays

New DoD authority could result in higher costs for your medication. Find out how MOAA is working to protect your earned benefit.





tg23-tricare-prime-tw.jpgTRICARE Prime for Military Families and Retirees

Understand your plan options.







tg23-glossary-tw.jpgTRICARE Glossary: Terms to Know for Your Health Care 

The ABCs of EOBs, and much more: Let MOAA help you make sense of your earned benefit.