TRICARE Rates Increasing in 2022 for Reservists, Young Adults, Others

TRICARE Rates Increasing in 2022 for Reservists, Young Adults, Others
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If you are a reservist, young adult or transitioning service member enrolled in Tricare or a transition health insurance plan, you will probably soon be paying more for your health insurance.


Tricare just released the 2022 rates for the Tricare Reserve Select (TRS) and Tricare Retired Reserve (TRR) programs, as well as for the Tricare Young Adult and Continued Health Care Benefit programs. Like almost everything else, the prices will mainly be increasing.


Reservists enrolled in the Tricare Reserve Select program are the lucky ones in the group and will see their premiums actually go down next year. The monthly premiums will decrease from $47.20 to $46.70 for single coverage and from $238.99 to $229.99 for family coverage.


Retired reservists who haven't turned 60 and are covered under the Tricare Retired Reserve program will see the monthly premiums for a single member increase from $484.83 to $502.32 each month, and those with family coverage will see an increase from $1,165.01 to $1,206.59.


College-age dependents enrolled in the Tricare Young Adult program will see an increase in their monthly premiums; however, the amounts vary, depending on which option they are covered under. For those using Tricare Young Adult Select, the monthly payment will go from $257 to $265, and those using Tricare Young Adult Prime will see the monthly payment increase from $459 to $512.


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Recently discharged members with temporary health insurance under the Continued Health Care Benefit Program (CHCBP) will see their premiums increase by the largest amount. Enrollees in that program pay premiums every three months, or quarterly, instead of monthly. That means their premiums will go from $1,599 to $1,654 for a single person and from $3,605 to $4,079 for a family.


While these rates may seem high, they pale in comparison to what civilians pay for health insurance. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average monthly health insurance premium for single coverage in 2020 was $622; for family coverage, it was $1,778.



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