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The MOAA Career Center hosts a job board specifically for MOAA members. Employers post jobs on a real-time basis and search the database daily, looking for candidates like you! You can:

  • Post your résumés;
  • View and apply for jobs posted by hundreds of employers each week;
  • Receive notifications on upcoming events;
  • Connect with MOAA Networking Contacts - MOAA members who are interested in helping you transition; and
  • Get the latest information on career fairs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I post my résumé on the MOAA Job Board?

Registered members can access the MOAA Job Board to create a profile and upload up to five résumés. See above if you do not know your username and password. Directions:

  • Once you are on the MOAA Job Board, be sure you are on the “Home” tab; then
  • Click “Edit Your Searchable Resume” and “Edit Files”; then
  • Mark “Public” under “Resume Visibility”; and
  • Choose a file from your computer and click “Upload.”

*Be sure to click “Save and Return” at the bottom of the page.


Q. What should I do if I cannot access the MOAA Job Board?

If you are unable to access the MOAA Job Board, please contact MOAA’s Member Service Center at 800-234-6622, M-F, 8-6 EST, or to update your login information.

Q. What should I do if I cannot post my résumé?

If you are logged into the MOAA Job Board but cannot post your résumé, please contact


Q. What happens to my résumé after I post it?

After you post your résumé on the MOAA Job Board, it is stored in our résumé database. Résumés and profiles that have been posted or updated within the past 12 months and are marked “public” are available for employers to search.

Q. How do I keep my résumé active and searchable?

Your résumé will remain active as long as you update your profile or your résumé, or search for positions, within a 12-month period. If you do not visit the MOAA Job Board for 12 months, you will become completely inactive and your profile/résumé will not be included in employer searches.

Q. What is a Professional Profile Search?

Any time an employer searches the database, they are conducting a Professional Profile Search (based on keywords or given criteria). They will be able to view all profiles/résumés that match the information provided. Employers will only be able to view your resume if you mark it as “Public” – which we recommend if you looking for a job. If you do not want your résumé to be public, you will still be able to search for positions in the MOAA Job Board.

Q. How do I change résumé settings?

  • Login to the MOAA Job Board;
  • Click “Edit Your Searchable Résumé”; then
  • Mark your résumé as Public, Confidential, or Private.


Q. On the "My Account" page, what does "Résumé Views" mean?

"Résumé Views" indicates the number of times an employer has opened your résumé to read it during a profile search. This also includes the number of times you open your résumé.


Q. How long do you recommend that I keep my résumé active on the MOAA Job Board?

We strongly recommend that you keep your profile/résumé active in our database for as long as you work. Note: If you are currently in a long-term position, you can mark your résumé as “Private.” This allows you to remain active on the MOAA Job Board, but does not allow employers to view your résumé or profile.


Employer Tools and Resources

Posted jobs are active for 30 days and can be renewed (or removed) at any time. They can be reposted or updated free for an additional 30 days. Résumé searches are free (and easy).