3 Networking Tips for Veterans

3 Networking Tips for Veterans
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We've all heard all about the importance of networking, but what does this really mean? How can we optimize our approach? The real secret to networking is building and sustaining relationships.

What makes someone a powerful networker isn't the sheer number of contacts but rather the depth and quality of those relationships. With the proper tools, you can become a better networker and then to put those skills to the test with an exciting opportunity to expand your network.

Learn to: 

  • introduce yourself to employers with your 30-second commercial,
  • talk to hiring managers about what you have learned in your research about their company and explain why you want to work there, and
  • develop a better understanding of the company's needs and concerns and how you can help the company make or save money.


Visit MOAA.org/Careers for more ways to improve your networking skills.

About the Author

Col. Brian D. Anderson, USAF (Ret)
Col. Brian D. Anderson, USAF (Ret)

Anderson joined the staff of MOAA's Career Transition Services Department in August 2011. He served 26 years in the U.S. Air Force in a wide range of command and staff assignments. Connect with him on LinkedIn.