Dr. Mia Reisweber

Dr. Mia Reisweber

Mia Reisweber is an educator by passion and trade. Dr. Reisweber has over 12 years of experience in higher education, and she has been recruited to develop departments, initiatives, and programs at various universities where she works to identify and deconstruct administrative barriers to create sustainable, impactful change that empowers students to succeed.


This is also what Mia does for military families. In 2014, she began her volunteer career when she began lobbying for career-pursuing spouses. Stationed in Hawaii at the time, Mia found a gaping hole in military spousal support: There was no process or policy that empowered military spouses to pursuing four-year or professional degrees. For a year, she lobbied with senators and national organizations. In 2015, she linked up with a defense military fellow in the office of Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) who was writing the Military Family Stability Act. With Mia’s story as the headlining example of this commonsense Bill, the Military Family Stability Act gained bipartisan support from senators in New York, Hawaii, and North Carolina and non-partisan organizations like MOAA and the National Military Family Association.


She flew to Washington, D.C., in October 2015 to introduce the bill to the press corps. It was sign into law in 2018. Most recently, Mia has teamed up with Maj. Erin Williams at the U.S. Military Academy as West Point, N.Y., this time to advocate for equitable and accessible childcare support for military families.


Dr. Reisweber has her bachelor's degree in writing from Marist College, a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Bard College, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in higher education administration from Saint Louis University.


She currently serves as the Assistant Dean of Students at San Francisco State University.