Surviving Spouse Corner: 4 Resources for Older Adults

Surviving Spouse Corner: 4 Resources for Older Adults
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The community of military spouses, encompassing all past and present, is a resilient group of individuals. The ability to change plans in a moment’s notice is a skill acquired over years of experience. The other amazing characteristic of military spouses is that we support each other and share tools, benefits, and resources no matter how long we have known each other.


Here are four such resources to consider:


VA Aid and Attendance: Also known as housebound allowance, VA Aid and Attendance might be able to provide a monthly financial benefit to assist with personal care services. Financial and physical considerations need to be investigated. Local veteran services organizations are a great place to get neutral information and support.


Geriatric Care Managers: Hiring these professionals can be an unmatched option of support for seniors who do not have family members close. They are social workers for hire who can be on a retained contract or situational contract in case of emergency needs. Their experience can help you navigate insurance coverage, emergency services, or placement recommendations if you are looking into senior living locations.


Board-Certified Elder Law Attorney: Often attorneys will list that they offer estate and/or elder law specialties. This is an important area in that “what you don’t know will hurt you.” A board-certified elder law attorney has a higher level of training and expertise. Learn more through the National Elder Law Foundation.


Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES): This designation for Realtors means that they have done advanced education for working with home buyers over the age of 50. Often, they have a network of additional businesses and services that will assist in making the real estate transaction as smooth as possible. Learn more through the SRES Council.


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