Surviving Spouse Corner: Philanthropy Large and Small

Surviving Spouse Corner: Philanthropy Large and Small
The MOAA Foundation's Community Outreach Grant, made possible by member donations, allowed MOAA's Luke (Ariz.) Chapter to help veterans and families procure food for Thanksgiving. (Courtesy of the Luke Chapter)

Philanthropy means generosity in all its forms — giving gifts of time, talent, and treasure to help make life better for others.


Wealthy people, companies, or organizations can donate large amounts of money intended to help meet the needs of others. These are very helpful and needed contributions. One famous example is Andrew Carnegie, whose foundation has helped to provide over 2,800 libraries in the U.S. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has fostered many efforts to improve global health. However, individuals can make contributions and benefit others by giving their time and efforts in smaller ways, such as:

  • donating time to help provide food and shelter for those who are homeless or simply cannot afford to meet the needs of their families;
  • volunteering as coaches in youth sports’ programs; and
  • providing assistance to young people who wish to attain a college degree but cannot afford the cost.


Two examples of MOAA philanthropic programs are the MOAA Scholarship Fund and The MOAA Foundation.


Donations, large and small, to the MOAA Scholarship Fund by members of the association have made it possible for many children of eligible servicemembers to attend college — a benefit to all. And donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations to the MOAA Foundation support high-impact, proven-successful programs and services that enable servicemembers and veterans of all ranks, and their families, to maintain a quality of life reflective of their selfless service to America.


Learn more about the Scholarship Fund and MOAA Foundation.


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