MOAA Awards Information and Nomination

  • Leadership Award - First award provided to a council/chapter (recipient) leader

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  • Outstanding Service Award - For a chapter member (not necessarily in a chapter leadership position) to recognize outstanding service in completing a special project or otherwise contributing to the chapter or MOAA, perhaps to encourage them to seek a future leadership role.

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  • President's Award - Provided when recipient has previously received the first Leadership Award

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  • Chairman's Award - Anyone who wishes to nominate a council/chapter leader for this award should contact our Council and Chapter Affairs Department to receive the special instructions. Please contact for more information.

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  • 100th Birthday Certificate - Award provided to a MOAA member who has turned or soon will turn 100 years old


* NOTE: These watermarked samples may not be used as awards exclusive of National MOAA endorsement. Please submit a nomination using the information and application on this page.

Submission and Criteria

1. Nomination requirements are based on accomplished duties or completed tasks above and beyond the recipient's normal responsibilities, and if you feel they should be recognized by MOAA National & our president and CEO.
2. We require and request that only 3-5 bullet points of notable accomplishments be submitted in your nomination.
3. Your nomination must be submitted with at least 45 days between the submission date and the presentation date. (This timeframe allots for receipt, creation, editing, approval, signature by MOAA's president and CEO, and mailing.)
4. The award certificate will be accompanied by a signed card from MOAA President, and a respective pin or coin will be included (if applicable).
5. Please note: All award requests will be verified in the MOAA database. If the award recipient has previously received an award, the next eligible award will be provided as approved by Council and Chapter Leadership.
* Nomination submissions must be completed in one sitting.