MOAA Level of Excellence Awards

MOAA Level of Excellence Awards

Each year, councils and chapters may request to be recognized for one of two Levels of Excellence awards:

  • The very, very best councils or chapters receive a five-star award; and
  • above-average councils or chapters receive a four-star award.


The Levels of Excellence submission web-based portal will be available soon. Questions/instructions on the objective and subjective scoring criteria will be available soon.


2020 Levels of Excellence Changes

Find out how the LOE Objective scoring criteria will change. Chapters can get a jump start on increasing their percentage of MOAA members by leveraging the Committee Module (CM). Find out two methods of submitting non-MOAA members for basic membership enrollment using one of these tools:

More about the 2020 LOE awards:

  • Submissions are due by May 1, 2020 (based on 2019 calendar year programs and events).
  • Objective scoring rating sheet, Question #2: Percentage of membership who are members of national MOAA?
    • 95% to 100% = 15 points
    • 80% to 94% = 5 points
    • 79% and below = 0 points
  • Objective Scoring Rating Sheet, Question #3: Committee Module (CM) updates completed between Jan. 1, 2019, and March 31, 2020. 

Council and Chapter Guide to MOAA’s Basic Membership (PDF

Committee Module (CM) Administrators can export a roster of their chapter members and sort on the MOAA membership status column to identify the non-MOAA members. These chapter members can be contacted for their consent to become a MOAA Basic member.


Directions for Committee Module (CM) Administrators

  • When you log into your Committee Module (CM), select the “View All” button to view everyone on your roster on one page.
  • Next, select the button on the left side of the “Customer ID” button to select everyone on your roster.
  • Next, go to the “Actions” button and select “Export to File,” then select “Go”. The box will display, allowing you to export the file in Excel.
  • Select “Excel,” then “Open”.
  • Finally, sort the Excel spreadsheet on the column with “Membership”.


Anyone listed as blank are non-MOAA members, who you should contact to ask their consent to become a MOAA Basic member. Anyone who is a non-MOAA member on your roster who gives you permission for MOAA to process them as a basic member can be sent to MOAA headquarters on an Excel spreadsheet using the same columns listed on the spreadsheet which you just exported.

The Excel spreadsheet can be saved on your hard drive for your records. Please be sure to add two new columns to the spreadsheet with “Type of Consent” and “Date of Consent” which is also mentioned on the Chapter and Council Guide to MOAA’s Basic Membership guidance. This will indicate to MOAA headquarters that you received this individual’s permission and the date that the permission was granted in order for our MOAA staff to process Basic MOAA memberships for each person listed on this roster.     

2019 Levels of Excellence

Every year, MOAA’s affiliates compete to receive a four- or five-star Levels of Excellence Award. The very best councils and chapters receive five-star awards, while above-average councils and chapters receive four-star awards. This award is based on the 2018 calendar year programs and events.

Levels of Excellence Best Practices (PDF)
Some of the best practices from winning council and chapters.

Levels of Excellence Logos
Download the brand new logos here.

Levels of Excellence Award Streamer and Pin (click for sample)
A blank MOAA streamer is provided to winning councils and chapters on a four-year cycle. Check out the best way to display your winning LOE and/or Communications award for your council or chapter.