Council and Chapter Forms

Council and Chapter Forms

Below, chapter leaders will find a series of links that will take you to a variety of forms provided by MOAA National. They're grouped by the targeted user and subject area; click below to go directly to the proper section, or type the name of the form into your browser's "find" window (Control-F for most desktops and browsers) to locate the proper paperwork. NOTE: Some forms may require your MOAA login information to access. If you have any questions, please contact Council and Chapter Affairs at or call 800-234-6622 and ask to speak with a Chapter Affairs Specialist.  


Interested in joining a chapter, renewing your dues, or learning about MOAA's virtual chapters? Click here.


Leadership Forms and Resources: Recruiting

Common Join Form (Fillable PDF) (Microsoft Word file)
-- MOAA’s Common Join Form incorporates the enrollment requirements for MOAA membership and chapter membership. Detailed instructions are available for both the PDF and the Word forms.

Basic Membership Enrollments 
-- When submitting over 10 basic memberships, follow these instructions on sending us an Excel spreadsheet with the required information. Our staff will process these basic memberships and leaders can easily go into their Committee Module to add new members to their roster.

Chapter Recruiting Awards and Incentives
-- Review the incentives for councils, chapters, and individual recruiters. (speed up receiving your reward by signing up for electronic funds transfer.)

Reporting of Chapter Member Gains
-- Report your new members online.

Chapter Advertising
-- MOAA National has made the following advertisements available for placing in your local paper. They are fillable PDF files, so you can add your own Chapter information: (Advertisement 1) (Advertisement 2)

Chapter Voucher Program
-- Newly paid MOAA National members can join a chapter at no cost. Find out more.

Electronic Support Messages 
-- Promote an upcoming event to MOAA members in your area with this easy-to-complete template.

More Recruiting Resources


Leadership Forms and Resources: Membership Matters and Administration

Committee Module 2.0 Links and Resources


Online Chapter Membership Dues Join and Renewal
-- Click here to go directly to the online chapter membership dues collection tool. Click here for answers to frequently asked questions. 

Add Non-MOAA Members to Your Roster
-- You can add up to five new members using this form. Note: Eligiblity for Basic members must include a valid email address.

Council and Chapter Leadership Workbook and Policies and Procedures Guide
-- The Leadership Workbook is a way to share information, tools and best practices to enable leaders to sustain strong chapters. For more detailed resources, access the Policies and Procedures Guide and its Appendix.

Liability Insurance
-- This plan provides extensive coverage for lawsuits resulting from bodily injury and property damage at Chapter or Club-sponsored activities. If your Club or Chapter typically rents space when it needs to gather for a meeting or special event, you may have discovered the owner of the property requires "special event" insurance. This coverage is typically very expensive to buy or doesn't fully protect you. That's why we have developed this plan exclusively for MOAA Chapters! Click the link above for a plan overview, click here for sample rates, and here for more details.

Chapter Rescue Checklist and Chapter Closing Checklist
-- The Rescue Checklist provides assistance to leaders who are suffering from recruiting issues, leadership fatigue, or other concerns that threaten their chapters. The Closing Checklist includes the proper procedures on closing the chapter and informing MOAA National once a final decision has been made. 

USAA Sponsorship for MOAA
-- As part of the USAA/MOAA affinity association, USAA provides sponsorship funding to support councils and chapters with various community service projects and programs. Get details here. 

Sign Up For Electronic Funds Transfer
-- In an effort to speed up the distribution of incentive money earned through the Chapter Recruiting program, national MOAA requests maximum participation by council and chapters with the electronic funds transfer (EFT) program.  

Council and Chapter Webinars
-- Archived video presentations that offer details on areas of leadership interest. Login/password may be required for some materials.

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Leadership Forms and Resources: Awards

Col. Marvin J. Harris Communications Awards Contest
-- MOAA's annual contest identifying those councils and chapters that do an outstanding job communicating with their members. Print/E-Newsletter and Website categories. Digital submissions only. More details here.

Colonel Steve Strobridge Legislative Chair/Liaison Award
-- National MOAA will recognize one MOAA council or chapter Legislative Chair/Liaison who has demonstrated superior service in support of the national and/or state legislative agenda. Read more about the award criteria and access the nomination form here (Microsoft Word file). 

MOAA Certificates of Recognition and Pins
-- National MOAA has certificates available that have been spe­cially printed for various types of recognition of individuals. Find out more here.

MOAA Levels of Excellence Award
-- Each year, councils and chapters may request to be recognized for one of two Levels of Excellence awards, find out more here.

MOAA ROTC/JROTC Awards Program
-- Guidance for these programs is at the link above. Order ROTC/JROTC awards through the MOAA Store.


Leadership Forms and Resources: Communications

The MOAA Newsletter
-- Council and Chapter News appears each month in The MOAA Newsletter. Get the latest news here. Get archived news here. Get archived editions of The Affiliate here (note: formatting may not be consistent with other pages).

White Label Template
-- Want to share up-to-date information with your chapter but don't have the resources? Download this template to keep your members informed, or to fill out your own newsletter products. Updated monthly; click here for instructions.

More Communications Resources


Leadership Forms and Resources: Surviving Spouse Programs

Surviving Spouse Liaison Positions
Learn the principal responsibilities and the overall role of surviving spouse liaisons within the chapter and at the state level (Microsoft Word files).

More Surviving Spouse Links:


Leadership Forms and Resources: Community Involvement

Become a Chapter Legislative District Liaison
-- Help MOAA increase its legislative clout by establishing relationships with your congressional representatives and members of their staffs. 

USAA Sponsorship for MOAA
-- As part of the USAA/MOAA affinity association, USAA provides sponsorship funding to support councils and chapters with various community service projects and programs. Get details here. 

Honor Flight - A Most Honorable Mission
-- Learn more about The National Honor Flight Network. 

Help Establish Cemetery Support Committees
-- The National Cemetery Administration is looking to establish a Cemetery Support Committee to assist in steering events at our New National Cemeteries.

Make an Impact in Your Community
-- MOAA chapter members are making an impact at the local level by starting and running community service projects. Here are 10 ideas for projects your chapter can start.

Establish a Scholarship Through MOAA
-- Learn how (and why) chapters and councils can establish a scholarship with MOAA.

Forms and Resources for Members or Prospective Members 

Chapter Dues
-- Join or renew with your local chapter by paying your dues here. Get full instructions here (PDF).

MOAA Virtual Chapters
-- Learn more about starting or joining a Virtual Chapter.