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Applying for A Federal Job After Military Service - Maximize your chances of being selected by learning how to navigate the system, including fulfilling the KSAs, ECQs and TQs.

Veterans' Preference in Federal Hiring - One of your post-military job options is working for the federal government - good pay, good benefits; and as a veteran you have preference in the hiring process.

What You Can Do to Negotiate Your First Federal Job - The job announcement that you used to apply for your new job included a salary range and start date, but you may be able to negotiate these and other issues like relocation expenses before starting your federal job.

Applying for a Federal Job for Spouses and Parents of Veterans and Military Members - The federal government is interested in hiring spouses and sometimes parents of veterans and military personnel and has established a number of special programs (called authorities) to encourage you to become part of the federal workforce.


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