Foreign Area Officer Association

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The Foreign Areas Officers Association (FAOA) is a professional organization serving the interests of Foreign Area Officers (FAO), military Attachés, Security Cooperation personnel, and other political-military affairs specialists in all services of the United States Armed Forces: active duty, reserve, retired, and in-training, as well as other military, civilian, and corporate individuals interested in international affairs, defense and security partnership engagement, and intelligence. FAOA is organized for the educational, professional, fraternal, and social benefits of its professional community, as well as to promote esprit de corps, information dissemination, and strategic communications. In addition to sponsoring this scholarship, the FAOA produces a widely disseminated, quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal, International Affairs: The FAO Journal;”hosts popular speaker policy luncheons and an annual Formal Dinner; and sponsors research/writing awards at the War Colleges, national defense institutes, and other Professional Military Education venues. FAOA is a registered 501c non-profit organization. The Foreign Area Officer Association Scholarship for Excellence in International Affairs, sponsored by the FAOA through the MOAA Scholarship Fund, is given to a scholarship applicant with the requisite academic and extracurricular achievements that has a declared/established major in International Relations, International Affairs, Regional Studies, or Languages, with preference given to ROTC students or current or previous enlisted members. More information on the FAO Association, membership, journal subscription and article submissions, or donations can be obtained at