RADM Russell W. Gorman, USNR-Ret.

Raised in northern New Jersey, RADM Gorman graduated from Boonton High School, and went on to attend the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, New York. After graduation in 1949, with a B.S.in Marine Transportation and a Third Mate’s License, he was commissioned as an Ensign, USNR. He served aboard U.S. Flag merchant vessels operating from the east coast of the continental U.S. to South America and Europe.

In late 1953, he entered active naval service and was assigned to the staff of the Commander, Military Sea Transportation Service, in Yokohama, Japan. During a 39-month period, he served in various billets including a six-month tour as Executive Officer, MSTS Office Okinawa and, for the last two years, on the Command staff, as the Director of Shipboard Administration for the COMSTSWESTPACAREA.

Returning to civilian life in 1957, he was employed in the maritime industry with Chevron Shipping Company and affiliated with the Naval Reserve. He worked for Chevron for 20 years, the last nine he was in charge of all training within the 12 Marine companies which encompassed approximately 4,000 persons of various nationalities, both ashore and afloat. In 1977, he left Chevron and spent the next 8½ years in various positions with Utah International (a subsidiary of the General Electric Company) in their Marine Department. His last position was as Assistant Manager, Operations. The company owned 14 ships and chartered an additional 47 ships in worldwide trades. Following his employment with Utah International, he served as the President of Market Development Associates, a defense marketing company, until 1992, when he became an independent consultant until his retirement in 1995.

RADM Gorman held five commands in the Naval Reserve, including two Major Commands. He also attended the Naval War College and the National Defense University. In 1980, he was selected to the rank of Rear Admiral. His mobilization assignment was as the Deputy Commander, Military Sealift Command.

In 1983, RADM Gorman was recalled to active duty and served as the Deputy Commander, Military Sealift Command. Completing that assignment, he returned to civilian life and was again recalled in 1984 for a six-month period to serve as the Director, OCEAN VENTURE 1984 (the largest exercise conducted in the Atlantic Command that year). During that period, he served as Orange Forces Commander and had a staff of 490 personnel, 3 nuclear-powered submarines; 14 surface vessels; 160 aircraft; and a battalion of U.S. Marines. These forces provided the opposition to approximately 40,000 U.S. forces from more than 100 commands.

In September, 1984, RADM Gorman assumed command of the Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region TWENTY with responsibility for all Naval Surface Reserve Forces located from Utah to Hawaii (some 5500 persons in 242 units). With an active force of 330 located in 13 Reserve Centers, the command provided the leadership and administrative support for the reserve forces. In September, 1986, he returned to his mobilization responsibilities until his retirement from the Naval Reserve in August 1987. For his seven years as a Flag officer he also served as the Exercise Director for the Commander Military Sealift Command.

Admiral Gorman served for eight years on the Secretary of Defense Advisory Board on Naval History and also served for eight years as the Vice Chairman of the Secretary of the Interior’s Advisory Commission to the San Francisco National Maritime Historical Park. In 2002, he was appointed to the Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs Advisory Committee on Education (dealing with the G. I. Bill of Rights). In February 2006, he was appointed for a third two-year tour on that committee. He is active and holds offices in a number of veterans and military organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. These include: Past Commander American Legion Post 246 Danville, CA; Trustee and Judge Advocate VFW Post 75, Danville; Life member Marine Corps League Post 942 Pleasant Hill; Regional VP Pacific Central Region, Navy League; President, Military Officers Association of America Contra Costa Chapter (1999 – 2007); member San Francisco’s Battle of Midway Commemorative Committee and member of the San Francisco committee to commission the USS Hopper DDG70 (May 1997), and McCampbell DDG 85 (August 2002). He has also been active at the National level in reserve officer organizations. He served as Co- Chairman, Strategic Planning Committee for the Naval Reserve Association, and as National Chairman for Long Range Planning Reserve Officers Association, and more recently as the Chairman of the “Officer Candidate” Committee of the Reserve Officers Association. In January, 2004, RADM Gorman was awarded the RADM Alex Jackson Award by the Reserve Officers Association for a lifetime of service to the country. He was the Commander of the San Francisco Commandery of the Naval Order of the United States for years 2004 and 2005.

RADM Gorman has served as Major Party Precinct Leader, Area Chairman, and advisor to candidates for political office, Chairman of the Naval Academy screening committee for the local Congressional Districts (10 and 11 over a 10 year period), Advocate Speaker for Senator “Pete” Wilson, and the same position when Governor Wilson ran for office and for re-election as Governor. In 1988, he served as the State of California Chairman of “Veterans Coalitions for Bush” (George H. W. Bush, President of the United States 1988-92). In 2000, he served as a worker for Claude Hutchison, Republican candidate for the 10th district of California and assisted in Veteran’s Coalition for current President Bush’s efforts. Most recently he served on the Naval Academy’s Screening Committee for the California Eleventh Congressional District (Congressman Richard Pombo) and also for the 10th District (Ellen Tauscher).

RADM Gorman resides in Danville, California, and is married to the former Eriko Deguchi of Yokosuka, Japan.