Maj Roscoe O. Clark, USAF-Ret. and Mrs. Billye R. Clark

Roscoe O. Clark was born and raised in Atlantic, IA. He enlisted in the Army Air Force Glider program at South Plains Army Air Field, Lubbock, TX. Billye Robinson was born and raised in Gault, OK. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1939 with a degree from the School of Drama. She worked for Special Services or Personnel Services and was assigned to operate a Service Club for Glider Pilots to be. Later, she became a teacher.

On the morning of February 1, 1944, Glider Pilot Graduation was held. That afternoon, Flight Officer Roscoe O. Clark and Billye Robinson were married in the First Christian Church in Lubbock, TX.

For their honeymoon, they stopped at several bases for Rosco’s general training—how to shoot, how to wear a gas mask. At Fort Wayne, IN, barbed wire fences separated pilots and wives as they said their final goodbyes.

Flight Officer Clark was off to England and Europe. Mrs. Billye Clark returned to the military office in Dallas, TX where she was reinstated as a Service Club Hostess. When 2nd Lt Clark returned from combat, they lived on base and Billye served as a Service Hostess at Brooks Army Air Field, San Antonio, TX.

While stationed at Pope Field, NC, the atomic bomb was dropped and Glider Pilots were no longer needed in the Pacific, so they were all discharged. The Clarks then moved to Oklahoma City, OK where 1st Lt Clark joined the National Guard at Tinker Field, OK.

1st Lt Clark was recalled to active duty during the Korean War and was stationed at Itazuke, Kushu, Japan. Billye joined him in Itazuke. After Japan, Captain and Mrs. Clark were stationed state-side at Altus Air Force Field, OK, where they remained for six years. Next, they were stationed at Ben Guerer, Morrocco. The landscape consisted of rocky desert and it was a very isolated location. Husbands and wives would frequently hitch-hike on cargo planes that went to Madrid, Spain three times a week. Major Clark’s final duty assignment was at Lowry Air Force Field, CO. He retired in 1965 and they moved to Altus, Oklahoma.

“Each of us enjoyed the many journeys, the people, and the way of life.” Mrs. Billye Clark.