Colleen S. Buskirk

Buskirk_web.jpgI grew up in a rural Michigan town, graduated from a state university with a teaching certificate in physical education, health education, and English then a MA in health education. Later, I graduated from University of Washington with a MA in librarianship. Many people know me as Buzz or Buzzie. After we lived in many places, my husband retired from the Navy. He died when I was 46 years old. I then built my own career as a law librarian and retired in 2002. My life experiences have included travel, volunteering, learning, and other miscellaneous pursuits. I had the good fortune to have parents who required me to get an education that would support me. When the time came, I had what was needed and I'm forever grateful for it. The gift of an education is why I support those who need help to better themselves.