Emergency Assistance Plus



Emergency Assistance Plus® (EA+®) is a crucial safety net that provides services your health and travel insurance generally will NOT cover. Whether you are traveling across the state, across the country, or across the world and have a medical emergency, Emergency Assistance Plus gives you peace of mind with 24-hour emergency assistance.



MOAA members get exclusive savings when they purchase EA+.

Note to members: Member benefits like this one which require registration will not be available online during MOAA’s migration to a new customer database. However, members can access the benefit by contacting our Member Service Center at msc@moaa.org or (800) 234-6622; after confirming eligibility, a representative will provide access instructions. Learn more about the migration at this link.


Emergency Assistance Plus offers over 20 travel services that are invaluable during a crisis:

  • Emergency medical evacuation to get you to the facility you need if you are traveling and become hospitalized and your current facility is unable to provide appropriate medical care for your medical condition.
  • Nurse Escort if deemed medically necessary to accompany you and monitor your condition during your travels home.
  • Vehicle return if you are unable to drive home due to your documented medical emergency.
  • Emergency cash advance for unexpected medical bills, against a valid credit card.
  • Assistance replacing lost or stolen travel documents.