Identity Guard


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Military officers understand the importance of a strong national defense, but in the digital age, your identity also needs protection. If cyber criminals get a hold of your Social Security number, home address, and birthday, they could impersonate you online and steal your assets. Data breaches are increasing every year, and it has become very difficult for any of us to prevent our personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

Identity Guard®, powered by IBM Watson®, has a comprehensive solution for helping to reduce your risk of identity theft and get you back on track if it should happen.

  • Our company has 22 years of experience helping over 47 million people protect their identities.
  • We have the fastest alerts in the industry,[1] with most arriving in three seconds or less. (So if someone is trying to open an account in your name, you can take action right away and hopefully limit the damage.)
  • Our 100% U.S.-based Customer Care center will take the lead in resolving your issues if your identity is stolen, and have successfully resolved 150K cases of identity theft.
  • You’ll be covered by a $1 million insurance policy to cover losses resulting from identity theft.[2]
  • We are the only identity protection solution powered by IBM Watson, which constantly scans the Internet to look for threats specific to you, and promptly informs you if found.


As a member of MOAA, you are eligible for a 20% discount on an Identity Guard membership, and can get it just for yourself or for everyone living at your address. It’s the ounce of prevention that could prevent many pounds of hassle and heartache.  


[1] ath Power Consulting, February 2018


[2] Identity Theft Insurance underwritten by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group‚ Inc.