R. Riveter


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About R. Riveter

R. Riveter was founded on the American ideal that opportunity and innovation, when combined with determination, will create positive impact. They provide mobile, flexible income to military spouses as they move across the country every 2-3 years in support of their servicemember.


Parts and pieces are made remotely across the country to provide military spouses with mobile, flexible income opportunities. These bags are designed for women to remind them that whatever mission they are on there’s an entire Riveter Nation cheering them on.


Co-founders Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse appeared on Shark Tank in 2016, where they accepted an offer from billionaire investor Mark Cuban, who already had a track record of working with and supporting military affiliated companies.



Meet the Riveters: R. Riveter handbags have an “RR” stamp. These belong to Riveters who work remotely, spanning across the United States through to the individuals in the assembly studios, and lastly to the hands of a Riveter at retail stores. Each Riveter gets a special RR I.D. that is stamped on to the R. Riveter product. When the pieces all come together to make up your bag, you carry all of their stories with you wherever you go. Visit www.rriveter.com/pages/meet-our-riveters to find out more about the Riveters who made your bag!


What is the Heirloom Collection? The R. Riveter Heirloom Collection is about giving those materials that carry so many stories, a new life. Heirloom is a program that transforms well-loved materials into stunning and unique bags. Send in a loved one’s uniform, blanket, duffel bag, or other materials, to create a personalized handbag with memories of them all over it. Click here to find out more.