Know Your Medicare Costs

Know Your Medicare Costs
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TRICARE For Life has no enrollment fees or premiums.


Medicare Part B has a monthly premium and an annual deductible. TFL pays the Medicare Part B deductible if the first medical service of the calendar year is one covered by Medicare and TRICARE.


If you are already receiving Social Security benefits at least four months before your 65th birthday month, you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. Your monthly premiums will be deducted from your Social Security payment.


In situations where Medicare coverage does not apply, TRICARE will become first payer, and beneficiaries will be responsible for the TRICARE Select deductible ($150 per person/$300 per family) and a fixed amount copay or 25% copay, not to exceed the annual $3,000 retiree catastrophic cap per family per calendar year for TRICARE-covered services.


Your Part B Premium Is Based on Income

Social Security uses income from your tax return two years ago to determine your Part B premiums.


For example, the income reported on your 2022 tax return will be used to determine your monthly Part B premium in 2024. If your income has decreased, you can ask that the income from a more recent tax year be used to determine your premium, but you must meet certain criteria. To appeal Part B premiums because of a decrease in income, find appeal instructions through the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals. View the current Part B premium rates at this link.


For more information about income-based Part B premiums, call (800) 772-1213 or visit For a breakdown of Medicare coverage rates, go to


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