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Topics covered in the e-newsletter include:

Advocacy – Stay posted on MOAA’s legislative efforts and congressional votes affecting you and your benefits.

Health Care & Earned Benefits – Keep up to date on TRICARE and VA changes, along with other health care and military benefit issues and updates.

Transition & Career – Get information and resources from MOAA experts to help you transition through every stage of life and career: active service, military retirement, civilian career, and full retirement.

Finance – MOAA’s financial insiders and experts offer unbiased financial, investment, and retirement news, advice, and guidance. We’ll also alert you to military discounts on travel packages, for Veterans Day, etc.

Recommended Reads – Military-themed must-reads, including interviews, book reviews, history, policy and operational news, and more.

Spouse & Family – Hear from MOAA military spouses about challenges and solutions affecting your life and career on the home front.

Member Spotlight – Learn what fellow members are doing in their communities across the nation.

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