To Share, or Not to Share? How to Maintain Your LinkedIn Presence

To Share, or Not to Share? How to Maintain Your LinkedIn Presence
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After making a major career decision or accepting a new position, the first instinct for many social-friendly individuals may be to tell the world … or at least tell their network.


But just like any other social media post, it’s always best to take a moment to reflect before posting anything, even something as simple as a new job position or a series of profile updates. Here are a few tips to have handy before pressing “send.”


1. Timing Is Everything. Maybe you’ve decided to begin looking at other career opportunities, and your online profile hasn’t been maintained as well as it could’ve been over the past year or two, or longer. Seems like time for a facelift, right? Maybe not.


If you’re in a position where co-workers or supervisors frequently engage with your LinkedIn pages, such changes could raise red flags. While a fresh coat of paint could impress recruiters or hiring managers, it may send signals to some eagle-eyed members of your network who may not be aware of your career plans … and may have questions.


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Still want to make the updates? Consider using LinkedIn’s privacy settings to determine what changes are shared with your network.


2. Small Changes, Big Results. The easiest way to avoid a time-consuming, attention-grabbing overhaul is not to do one. That doesn’t mean keeping your profile stagnant – even if you’re not looking for a new job, consider updating your materials regularly.


Not only will these frequent updates and checks save time in the long run, they’ll ensure you always have your best foot forward online, whether you’re actively seeking employment or just looking to stay connected.


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3. Have Patience. Just landed that new job? Resist the urge to seek congratulations from your network. Advisers on LinkedIn and other reputable platforms have plenty of suggested timeframes – some oddly specific – for when to share the good news.


You may not need to adhere to their guidance down to the minute, but the advice is sound: Better to wait and be sure the new opportunity is what you envisioned than having to retract multiple posts about an “exciting new venture.”


4. A Whole-Profile Approach. You may be eager to add new qualifications, keywords, or career goals as soon as possible, but don’t forget about other portions of your online profile that may set you apart from fellow candidates.


Have you upped your volunteer game? Did you share that rave review from a recent conference? Did you speak to an alumni group or take part in any mentoring? Be sure your network (and any potential future employers) aren’t the last to know.


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5. Check With MOAA. Your professional situation is unique, and not all general rules will apply. Fortunately, our experts will review your LinkedIn presence as part of a one-hour career consulting session offered to Premium and Life members, enabling you to receive personalized guidance. Learn more about the benefit at this link.


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