Space-A Travel Is Back for All After COVID Hiatus

Space-A Travel Is Back for All After COVID Hiatus
Space Available passengers board a C-17 at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, bound for Guam. (Photo by Tech. Sgt. Cohen A. Young/Air Force)

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The Air Mobility Command has announced that Space Available (Space-A)  travel on military aircraft has returned for travelers to pre-pandemic availability. 


According to a press release, as of April 22, 2022, all restrictions on Space-A travel had been lifted. The Air Force aims to restore full service by May 13, 2022, according to the release.


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Restrictions put in place early in the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, effectively shut down all Space-A travel on Air Mobility Command and contracted aircraft for anyone not traveling for medical care or on emergency leave. Now, those blocks will be completely lifted. 


While all passengers are required to follow current federal COVID-19 travel procedures, those traveling OCONUS may have additional testing requirements and restrictions for travel to specific countries; those interested may find details on country-specific requirements in the Department of Defense's Electronic Foreign Clearance Guide.


Space-A flights, or military hops, are a unique privilege provided to service members, retirees and their families. Under the Space-A program, eligible passengers can fill unused seats on DoD-owned or -controlled aircraft once all the space-required (duty) passengers and cargo have been accommodated. Space-A flights are available to military members and their families, retirees and some disabled veterans. 


[MORE SPACE-A INFORMATION: | Air Mobility Command Space-A Travel Page]


For additional information on Space-Available Travel, visit Air Mobility Command's Travel website


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