Prepare for the Season Ahead

Prepare for the Season Ahead

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Students are heading back to school, fall is around the corner, and families are preparing for the season ahead. As you plan for your future, don’t forget to consider life insurance as part of your portfolio. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, which makes it an ideal time to evaluate your current coverage.


At MOAA, we offer a variety of term life insurance options, including group annual renewable term life, group level term life and group joint term life. You can choose whichever plan works best for you and your loved ones.


The MOAA Leader Group Term Life Insurance Plan offers affordable group rates, 24-hour year-round coverage without any military exclusions. Coverage amounts up to $1 million are available, depending on your age. Group term life coverage can be an affordable option for you and your family. 


Officers transitioning from active uniformed service have access to the MOAA Active Service Discharge Group Term Life Insurance Plan. This is affordable and guaranteed acceptance group term life insurance option available if you enroll within 180 days after leaving active uniformed service (provided your discharge is not health or disability related).


MOAA’s Group Level Term Life Insurance Plan is designed to keep your premiums and benefit amount the same. The plan puts you in charge of your life planning, offering coverage that fits the length of time you need. You can choose between 10-, 15- and 20-year coverage. Whatever amount of time you choose, you can have stable coverage for however long you need it and you don’t have to worry about premium increases


As an option for you and your spouse, the MOAA Joint Group Term Life Insurance is a way to insure you both at the same rate, and the selected benefit is paid on which spouse passes first. Through the Joint Term Life plan, you can make sure that you, your spouse and your family are secure in the future, no matter what lies ahead.


Parents want to prepare their children for the future. MOAA can help you take care of the special children in your life through the Youth Group Term Life Insurance Plan. Children and grandchildren aged 15 days to 20 years old could have coverage benefits of up to $10,000. The earlier their coverage begins, the more value it gains over time.


MOAA also has a Senior Age Whole Life Insurance that offers members ages 65-85 a chance to secure up to $25,000 in coverage without any medical exams or health questions. 


Regardless of which plan you choose, all of them offer portability to take your plan with you when you retire from active service or change from one job to the next as your career progresses.


Take action this Life Insurance Awareness Month: connect with MOAA to set up a financial safety net. No matter what the seasons ahead may bring, you can have the peace of mind that you and your loved ones have a financial safety net through MOAA Life Insurance Plans. Visit