Have a Specialized Career Path? MOAA’s Experts Can Help

Have a Specialized Career Path? MOAA’s Experts Can Help
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Much of the advice offered via MOAA’s Transition and Career Center can be used by anyone searching for employment – tips on how to stand out in the application process, for example, or how to ace the interview and secure the compensation you deserve.


While your chances for any position will improve with these resources, some careers rely on more specialized know-how – not just the skill sets required for the jobs themselves, but knowing how to navigate a hiring and employment process with its own twists and turns.


Here are just some examples of MOAA products available to help navigate these specialized fields.


Career-specific webinars: Premium and Life members have access to an ever-growing back catalog of MOAA webinars, with experts both inside and outside the association providing assistance in all manner of specialized jobs. MOAA’s webinar archive includes videos explaining everything from cybersecurity and aerospace positions to jobs with local government, in higher education, or as a franchise owner.

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Federal job resources: MOAA.org/FedJobs offers all manner of advice on landing a position in this sector, to include explanations on veterans’ hiring preference, application tips, and much more. Life Members of MOAA can benefit from a personalized federal résumé review.


MOAA’s Job Board: The board, powered by Indeed, can put a job-seeker in touch with more than 1 million employers. But the search functionality allows users to focus that search to very specific job types. Whether you’re looking to work as a senior electrical engineer outside of Hampton Roads, Va., or a paralegal in Seattle, you’ll get a good sense of what’s available. Searching by specific credentials/qualifications may also help narrow the field.


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Keep up with the latest additions to MOAA’s online career resources at MOAA.org/Careers.


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