Seeking a New Job? Don’t Skip State Resources for Veteran Employment

Seeking a New Job? Don’t Skip State Resources for Veteran Employment
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From transition assistance classes to VA-run job-training programs to the many career resources offered by MOAA, you may think you’re well-versed in all manner of ways your service can give you a leg up in the civilian sector.


But some veterans and their spouses, or those about to leave service, may have other resources – closer than you think.


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These programs vary widely across the states and U.S. territories, both in terms of what they offer and who can utilize their services. Some states will:

  • Grant credit for military experience toward state licenses.
  • Classify veterans as a priority group in employment programs geared toward a wider audience.
  • Offer tax incentives to businesses who hire veterans.
  • Staff dedicated offices, call centers, or other outlets dedicated to helping veterans in their job search.
  • Give veterans preferential standing when applying to state government positions (Learn more about these positions via the International City/County Management Association’s Veteran Resources page).
  • Expand some of the above programs, or other programs, to the veteran’s spouse or family members.


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Interested? Visit the Labor Department’s Veterans Employment Services page for links to resources from each state and territory. As you research your state’s offerings, keep eligibility requirements in mind: Some programs target specific groups, accepting only disabled veterans, or those in certain age ranges, or within specific income windows or periods of service. And some states may differentiate between military and uniformed service, making some programs unavailable to those with service outside the DoD.


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