Get Your Financial House in Order Thanks to This MOAA Publication

Get Your Financial House in Order Thanks to This MOAA Publication
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Automated billing, paperless invoices, and an array of other technological advances have made it easier than ever to keep track of your finances … or to start losing touch.


If you’re not sure which account is paying which bill on which date, or you’ve lost a password to your investing app, or your cellphone or laptop (and all its bookmarks) meets an unexpected demise, the friendly technology designed to streamline your budget can become an enemy in short order.


Instead of looking for another app to organize the first dozen or so apps, consider starting with MOAA’s Personal Affairs Guide. This publication – available for download as a PDF for Premium and Life Members at the previous link – goes beyond financial guidance, giving you a roadmap for keeping track of legal paperwork, service records, and much more.


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Yes, it’s designed to create peace of mind in the future, but filling it out has the benefit of clearing up many present-day financial concerns. Use the workbook to:

  • Keep a running tab of automatic payments, including which account the payments come from.
  • Track all your investment accounts, retirement funds, and annuities.
  • List your credit card information and any other outstanding debts, including active payment plans.
  • Put all your insurance information – a critical part of financial planning at any stage – in one place.
  • Turn that messy notepad in your desk drawer into an easy-to-read resource full of passwords, contact information, and other must-save data.


Having these materials in case of an emergency, or for use by your survivors as part of a comprehensive estate plan, may solve future problems before they happen. It also will allow you to take stock of your current financial situation: Are there dormant accounts you’ve neglected? Are you making automatic payments for services you don’t use? Do you have overlapping insurance products you don’t need?


Knowing your financial situation is the first step toward improving it. MOAA members can access other financial publications at this link, and can keep up with the latest financial updates from MOAA at


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Making sound financial decisions is not always as simple as we would like. PREMIUM and LIFE members can access MOAA's Financial Planning Guide, as well as speak with a MOAA financial expert for additional assistance.


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