Postal Service Honors WWII Battleship with New Forever Stamp

Postal Service Honors WWII Battleship with New Forever Stamp
United States Postal Service

The US Postal Service released a new Forever Stamp on June 11, honoring the 75th anniversary of the USS Missouri commissioning.

Built in the middle of World War II  and in service intermittently until 1992, this iconic battleship was the site of the Instrument of Surrender, an agreement signed by the Allied and Axis powers thus ending World War II.

“The USS Missouri is one of the most famous Naval battleships to ever sail the sea and now the Postal Service is proud to add her to our roster of commemorative stamps,” said Jeffrey C. Johnson, U.S. Postal Service acting enterprise analytics vice president, in a press release.

Designed by Greg Breeding, this Forever Stamp can be used to mail 1-ounce, First Class Letters within the U.S., regardless of the current postal rate.

Katie Lathrop is the Digital Content Specialist at MOAA and the daughter of a retired Army Officer. Follow her on twitter @Katie.F.Lathrop.

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